The future may not be like this.

October 2, 2006

Grilled HalloumiWell, first blog entry requires some explanation. We all know how good cheese is, even if you’re vegan you know the greatness this simple foodstuff has achieved throughout the centuries. The king of cheeses IMHO is Halloumi , the inspriation for this blog.

I won’t always post about cheese, I may never do so again; but you may find an underlying theme emerging.


2 Responses to “The future may not be like this.”

  1. Paranoid Mod Says:

    Pah. Even the humble brie strikes fear into the heart of halloumi. And what about feta, or mozarella, or even good old cheddar?

  2. exhannibal Says:

    Turn the grill on and see who melts first.

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